TUMI Unveils Documentary-Style Fall 2022 Campaign Titled “Built for the Journey”

“At TUMI, our goal is to ensure that everyone can perform at their best using our products, whether traveling abroad on tour, returning home, or embarking on a new professional adventure,” he said. Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI. “We use specialized design techniques and innovative materials to create modern products that offer the best in travel, resiliency, sustainability and durability. Our products stand the test of time.”

The first story opens today and stars a South Korean soccer player. son heung-min, whose journey is to hone her craft through repetition and demonstrate what it takes to achieve career success. Throughout his travels, Heung-min relies on his TUMI 19-degree aluminum hard cases to protect his prized possessions.

The three remaining documentary campaigns will be released throughout September and October. Gracie Abrams’ The film (set for release on September 15) will highlight his first international tour and feature his journey to Paris with its durable and sustainable TEGRA-LITEĀ® luggage, built for your busy life on the road. This campaign was inspired by her song, “For Real This Time.” Antonio Ramos’ narrative, also launching September 15will highlight your journey of self-discovery to Puerto Rico and the special connection he felt to the island and its heritage. “Visiting Puerto Rico has been an experience that has allowed me to explore my roots and connect with where my family comes from in a deeper way. TEGRA-LITEĀ® by TUMI made this trip more exceptional as I packed safely significant memories of The Island Forever remind me of the homeland,” Ramos said. He recorded a song inspired by his trip with TUMI, titled “Maleta” which means bag in Spanish.

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The latest installment, launch October 13, will highlight what’s new from TUMI | McLaren Carbon Fiber CFX Collection with McLaren F1 Driver lando norris, who shared his vision for the future. captured outside London, your story complements the TUMI | McLaren Collection, which is based on innovation, technology and design.

“This campaign celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and embarking on new adventures, which is at the core of TUMI’s DNA. TUMI is committed to perfecting the journey; it’s how us They are built,” Jill KrizelmanSenior Vice President of Global Marketing and E-Commerce at TUMI.

Throughout the season, the brand expects to host a host of activations around the world to celebrate the launches. More information to come.

All collections are available worldwide at TUMI stores, TUMI.com and select specialty retailers.

About TUMI

Since 1975, TUMI has been creating world-class luxury business, travel and performance essentials designed to enhance, simplify and beautify all aspects of life on the go. Combining seamless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity, we’re committed to empowering travel as a lifelong partner for movers and shakers in pursuit of their passions. The brand is sold globally in more than 75 countries with approximately 2,000 points of sale.

For more information about TUMI, visit TUMI.com

SOURCE Tumi, Inc.

TUMI Unveils Documentary-Style Fall 2022 Campaign Titled "Built for the Journey" rt