Two Binghamton teens charged with home invasion and robbery

Authorities say a pair of teenagers suspected of committing a home invasion in Broome County were found hiding in a Binghamton residence.

State police were dispatched to Bevier Street in the town of Dickinson shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday to investigate a report that two people broke into a home.

According to a news release from the New York State Police, the intruders fled the area. They were later located in Binghamton and were arrested.

Noe Casas-Aguilar, 18, of Binghamton, and a 17-year-old were charged with multiple felony counts in connection with the home invasion. They each face two counts of first degree robbery and two counts of first degree robbery. They have also been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

Casas-Aguilar was taken to the Broome County Jail for his arraignment. The young man was transported to a jail in Oneida County.

State police did not release information on whether anyone was injured or threatened in the home invasion.

More than a dozen weapons were said to have been stolen in the incident.

Law enforcement sources said the suspects may have fled the area in an all-terrain vehicle. They were apparently able to elude police by driving on a sidewalk on a section of Chenango Street that remains closed due to an ongoing Interstate 81 bridge repair project.

At least some of the weapons stolen in the home invasion were recovered in the area of ​​Cheri Lindsey Park and the former Binghamton Plaza. It is not known if any stolen weapons are still missing.

Binghamton police declined to comment on the assistance they provided to state police investigators.

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Two Binghamton teens charged with home invasion and robbery ?w=100

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