UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records aims to fill the void of Exclusive Company

GREEN BAY – When Pierre Jacque says he’s going to have “all kinds of weird stuff” in his new record store, he’s not just referring to run-of-the-mill weird things like the full-size R2-D2 and an “ALF.” accessory he has been living with at home.

He’s talking about Mr. T coloring books, bagel-sized “Jurassic Park” buttons, a “Full House” board game, and a black garbage bag full of those 1984 rubber alligators that were a must-have on the streets. fairs of the time.

“People say, ‘My God, I had that alligator!’ I’m like, ‘I have hundreds them!’” he said.

If Jacque sounds like a kid in a candy store talking about a record store, that’s because he’s excited that the Green Bay UFO Museum Gift Shop and Records is giving him an outlet for ideas that have been spinning around in his head for years.