Uh, Ashley Park’s abs are mega-sculpted in a sparkly bra in these pics

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  • ashley park just posted some photos on Instagram from his recent trip to New York City while promoting Emily in Paris season 3, and the look is totally iconic.

  • The 31-year-old actress wore a sparkly bra with green leather pants, and it was hard to miss how totally sculpted her torso is in the photos.

  • When it comes to her fitness goals, Ashley goes through different “phases” and most recently, she’s been into her Pilates workouts.

Ashley Park is serving up the space cowgirl in her latest ‘fit, and the internet is totally here for it.

While pressing for Emily in Paris season 3 In New York City, the actress rocked a green suit with jeweled pockets, teamed with a sparkly bra by NUÉ. And aside from looking absolutely stunning, happy and confident in the photos, it was also hard to miss how super sculpted Ashley’s core was.

In the photos, you can see Ashley eating pizza with friends and walking the streets of Manhattan in a cool outfit. Present in every photo? Those chiseled abs.

“🇫🇷 🥐 ➡️🗽🍕”, she captioned the photoreferencing the fact that she was in town for Emily in Paris promotion. And Ashley’s fans were concerned about the look. “Okay, this outfit? I’m dead All you need is a ranch for your pizza,” wrote one follower. Another added, “fashion icon. Period.” Agreed!

If you’re wondering what Ashley’s routines are like, don’t worry. I have all the inside information. The first thing you should know is that Ashley started to prioritize her health and wellness after a scary cancer diagnosis when she was just a sophomore in high school. Ashley was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and after six rounds of chemotherapyhas remained cancer-free, shared with Broadway-friendly.

“I developed a personal understanding with myself that I would do everything I could to be good to my body,” Ashley said. “I found that when I was released from the hospital, the theater became the place that made me feel most fulfilled.”

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When it comes to her sweat sessions, Ashley said Form who varies his workouts based on his energy level and work schedule. “I did everything, I had a great yoga phasea great cycling phase, a great phase of the race,” he said. “And I’ve always liked to dance.”

More recently, Ashley says she discovered pilates and absolutely loves it. “He feels very athletic, but he is Low impact,” she explains. “I sweat a lot and feel so much stronger when I’m done. Just like in dance, you use a lot of different muscles and there’s a real mind-body connection that happens with that.”

Ashley also says that she finds motivation during her private training sessions that she doesn’t find in group settings.

“When I’m in group class situations, I feel like it’s easier to cheat,” he said. Form. “You can hide behind other people.” Alternatively, during individual sessions, you feel that you are taking more responsibility.

Ashley has also been improving her skin care game lately. “I’m a big skincare person now, and I love FaceGymhe told the magazine. “I have a facial massager from them. The face is full of muscles and we never think about exercising them. So now I use a gua sha tool to massage them. It makes your face feel so much more relaxed.”

I for one can’t wait for Emily in Paris season 3. Crushing it, Ashley!

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