UTPB soccer coach on administrative leave after crazy accusations

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University of Texas Permian Basin women’s soccer head coach Carla Tejas is on paid administrative leave as an investigation continues after an anonymous group of players sent an email full of allegations. Some of the allegations against the UTPB soccer coach include that she asked players to post bail for her, she kissed members of the men’s soccer team, encouraged her players to injure opponents, and more.

Ironically, Tejas has been featured on a podcast about building a team culture.

Kayler Smith, the athletic director of ABC Big 2 Sports, might have told one of the craziest college football coach stories. The more you read about this Texas story, the crazier it gets.

The incident has also gained a lot of attention after a TikTok summing up the story got over a million views. The TikTok described Tejas managing the team similarly to the fictional “Blue Mountain State” college football team.

The anonymous group of players drafted a 1,154-word letter to officials from the NCAA, the Lone Star Conference and UTPB outlining the allegations. Here are all the accusations listed.

Complaints against the UTPB soccer coach Carla Tejas

  • Texas, arrested for DWI in September, asked its players to post bail with some
  • Kissing members of the men’s soccer team in public.
  • Distribute alcohol to minors
  • Getting a red card in a game but then sneaking into the stadium in disguise to train via walkie-talkie
  • Bringing in a player from Uruguay who may not even go to school (brought in September but hadn’t attended any classes and doesn’t have a dorm)
  • He encourages his players to commit fouls and injure opponents.
  • He uses emotional abuse tactics like the silent treatment and isolation.
  • He comments on players’ weight and enforces a strict diet that causes body dysmorphia.
  • He had a player who had a stroke, but then he didn’t get close to that player for days.
  • He encourages his players to cheat on their schoolwork, emphasizing that football comes first
  • He has favorites and only invites them to his house to watch movies.
  • Asks players to carry her when she’s drunk
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Texas is in her first season with UTPB after arriving from Louisiana Christian College. Former Texas players have begun speaking out saying that their training nearly led them to commit suicide with an attempt to take their own lives.

A parent of a player who played for Texas in the past claimed they sent UTPB athletic director Todd Dooley an email warning him about the coach’s antics. The email said that Tejas was placed on administrative leave at her last coaching gig in Louisiana for inappropriate comments to some of the girls.

“She bullies them and threatens them if they don’t do exactly what she wants, they won’t play, even if she is one of the best players on the team and works hard, she only plays her favorites, which in my opinion are girls from other countries and are on scholarships. the father said in the email.

While the investigation is underway, there are rumors that the university could still defend Tejas. Athletic director Dooley had no comment.

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