Victoria Beckham Makes a Star-Studded Debut in Paris – Lifestyle

Victoria Beckham made her Paris Fashion Week debut on Friday with a five-star cast of models, her family in the front row and a collection full of edgy sophistication.

The former Spice Girl, 48, who has been out of the catwalk for two years, hopes joining the most prestigious date on the fashion calendar can help get her business out of debt.

It sent out superstar model Bella Hadid in an elegant green dress with long latex gloves, while her sister wore a black pantsuit.

Beckham herself did not appear on the catwalk at the end of the show as is normal for fashion week.

Instead, she mingled with the crowd afterward in the venue’s courtyard, Val-de-Grace Abbey, on the arm of her husband David Beckham, a rare move in the usually roped-off world of high fashion, and one that underscores her depression. ground approach.

“It’s London coming to Paris, and it’s great,” she was heard telling the crowd as she posed for photos with her son Brooklyn and new wife Nicola Peltz.

On the catwalk, it was all femininity enhanced: stilettos, cut-outs, sheer blouses, form-fitting dresses, and presented with a very traditional assortment of rake-thin models, not far removed from the stylist’s own image.

Pink, blue, mauve and lilac: there were spring colors among the black most loved by Beckham.

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