Virgo Horoscope for October 2022 — Read the love and professional predictions for your sign

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Read horoscope 2022 of your sign to see what’s in store for you this year, or check out the Virgo personality profile. To read the monthly predictions for another zodiac sign, check out our full horoscope for october 2022.

welcome to october Virgo. have you planned your Halloween costume even? It’s okay if you haven’t; your ruling planet, Mercurybegan one of its frustrating retrogrades last month. Fortunately, the planet of communication goes directly to your sign in Sunday, October 2. You can relax knowing that conversing, traveling, and keeping exes in the past should be a lot easier for the rest of October.

But Mercury isn’t the only planet making your life easier this month. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, went retrograde in april, encouraging him to speak up for his needs at work and in his personal life. The transformative planet goes straight into the ambitious Capricorn in Saturday, October 8, giving you an extra dose of confidence. Virgos are often called perfectionists for their eye for detail, but like the hermit of the zodiac, you’re often humble about your talents. This transit makes you want to show off, and enemies beware because there is nothing more powerful than a brave Virgo (hello, Beyonce).

If you’re craving a weekend to dress to the nines, sport a bold lookand go dancing, you don’t need to wait until Halloween. Sunday, October 9the next day brings a bold full moon in Aries for sure. full moons are intense lunations and sometimes astrologers advise lying down. However, because this full moon continues your theme of becoming a more confident version of yourself (your version of Sasha Fierce, if you will), you can benefit from tapping into your primal side by sweating it out on the dance floor or in bed. with a lover

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scorpio season starts on Sunday, October 23. Set aside time for naps, Virgo, because October is a very social month for you. back in juneSaturn, a strict planet known as the “chore doer” of the zodiac, turned retrograde, and his assignment wasn’t just for embrace your sexuality but find community chosen friendsand partners who love you for exactly who you are.

In the past few months, you may have connected with new people or groups. And when Saturn goes direct to Aquarius in Saturday, October 22, you’re in the mood to continue the party and celebrate such friendships. And it’s not even Halloween yet, so once again, take those cat naps. You are the zodiac sign associated with health, Virgo, so don’t sleep at rest.

There’s a night you should try to stay. There is a new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio in Tuesday, October 25, which has the potential to bring drama and unexpected endings. While eclipses are pretty, they are a big deal astrologically due to their reputation for starting fights and inducing anxiety. Use this week to bathe, get sleep a lot, and participate in whatever your preferred form of personal care is. The last weekend of the month is when everyone celebrate halloweenwhich will require more social invites.

However, Virgo, Mars, the planet of raw sexual energy, ambition and aggression, turns retrograde in Gemini on Sunday, October 30. When Mars is retrograde, we often don’t want to go out and may even experience reduced sexual desire. So please don’t judge here if you want to celebrate the spooky party with a low key dinner rather than at the club. Enjoy, and see you next month.

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