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welcome to september, Virgo. It’s still your season, at least until Libra takes over later in the month. during augusta new moon in your sign saw you exploring with sensuality, either to enjoy kinky fun as a couple or the joy of a sex toy and alone time. It’s part of human nature to stress over love and sex, even when things are going well. When the romantic planet Venus enters your sign, Virgo, in Sunday, September 4, you should work to worry less. Regardless of your relationship status, things are as they should be. Make it your September homework to practice mindfulness, leaving well enough alone, and focusing on the joy of the present moment.

retrograde mercury starts this month on Friday, September 9, so working on relaxation techniques is still helpful. Whether it’s meditating, getting more sleep, or connecting with your support group, be sure to calm yourself down. While there’s no cause for alarm, you’ve been through plenty of Mercury retrogrades already, and the usual communication mishaps and texting from exes can be stressful. You might want to consider taking it easy this weekend because, in addition to Mercury turning retrograde, there’s a Pisces full moon in Saturday, September 10, which can cause anxiety and paranoia. So, take a break from birthday celebrations and Virgo season and get some restVirgo.

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more sleep will come in handy because when you pass the torch to Libra season in Thursday, September 22, your work life will probably improve, Virgo. This date is also the autumnal equinox when there are equal hours of light and darkness and the beginning of autumn. Summer flings are turning into something more serious thanks to wives season and the holidays are coming to an end. When Mercury retrograde leaves Libra and enters your sign, Virgo, the Friday, September 23, you may even feel overworked and stretched out. That’s why it’s crucial to use this time to find balance, even when work is busy. You are the healer of the zodiac, Virgo, so don’t forget to give yourself the same level of care that you would give your loved ones.

There’s a New Moon in Libra the Sunday, September 25. While the full moon early in the month is best spent taking it easy and hiding from the drama, this lunation is a lovely time to connect emotionally with romantic interests, so schedule a date on Sunday night. New moons mark new beginnings and new beginnings. If you’ve been arguing with your partner about something, remind yourself of your task to focus on the good and try not to worry about the small stuff.

And, if you’re single, that includes not worrying too much about dating. As you know from all your friends who are in a relationship and complain, a relationship does not equal happiness. But there’s joy to be had, Virgo, so find a friend and go on a new moon adventure, like enjoying a fall picnic or even planning to start a creative project like a podcast or even creating music together. And remember, Virgo, rest this month! See you in October.

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