Wauwatosa Pet Store Ordinance: Council Approves Ordinance

The Wauwatosa Common Council passed an ordinance Tuesday that prohibits Wauwatosa pet stores from selling cats or dogs.

But the ordinance, which seeks to draw attention to the negative effects of puppy mills, will not affect any existing pet stores in the city.

Ald. Nancy Welch proposed the ordinance. It was unanimously approved by the Community Affairs Committee in April.

“What we have before us is what we have under our control within our jurisdiction, and I think we should take action on it,” Welch said during the Common Council meeting.

nancy galician

Under the ordinance, no pet store in the city may “sell, give away, offer for sale, trade, auction, give away, or otherwise transfer or dispose of cats or dogs.”

The ordinance will not prohibit the store from displaying animals from shelters or pet rescues.

The purpose of the ordinance is to encourage consumers to purchase pets from shelters or directly from reputable and responsible breeders. It loosely mirrors a similar ordinance drafted by the Humane Society of the United States.