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Welcome to The Work Day, a series charting a single day in the working lives of various women, from gallery owners to stay-at-home moms to CEOs. In this installment, we hear from Ashley Afriyie, a stylist and fashion consultant who recorded a day at work in June.

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Job title: Fashion stylist and PR brand consultant

Previous jobs: I started my fashion magazine career with multiple internships at fashion magazines including Vogue, Teen Vogue and Marie Claire UK (I studied in London). I ended up as a fashion editor at Marie Claire US right after I graduated from college. I was at Marie Claire for three years before completely changing careers to public relations and special events.

I’ve spent over a decade working for some of the world’s biggest companies and organizations including Gucci, IMG/WME (Endeavor), and Saks Fifth Avenue. My longest stint was over six years at Saks Fifth Avenue on the corporate experiential marketing and special events team.

Which led me to my current position: Total Transparency – It was the pandemic that led me to my current role as assistant fashion stylist and fashion PR brand consultant. Before covid, I was working full time at a small marketing agency as a senior account manager for special events and experiential marketing. Our clients included Athleta, Hermès and Drunk Elephant to name a few. When the pandemic hit, my show was canceled because all the events were cancelled.

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During this time, I had to take a step back and think about my next move. I started reconnecting with many old colleagues and friends and looking for freelance jobs as an assistant stylist and consultant to fashion PR agencies. I now work as a fashion consultant, and my services include styling, celebrity stylist assistant and freelance publicist, advising fashion brands and jewelery clients and agencies.

How I spend most of my working day: When it comes to celebrity style, I spend my day in emails coordinating and working closely with some of the world’s biggest fashion houses and brands. In addition, I spend my time going to organized market appointments in the designers’ showrooms at the beginning of each season to ensure I have the latest information and data for the current season’s collection.

6:20 a.m.: Surprisingly, I don’t trust an alarm! I immediately start emailing my European fashion brands and in-house PR contacts because they are five to six hours ahead of me. I’m checking with them on the status of the runway looks that the stylist I’m working with has secured the garment for the red carpet, photo shoot, press event, etc. for which we are requesting them.

7:30 am: I usually do a group class workout – Barry’s or SoulCycle. When I’m not doing either class, I go to the local gym to work out with my favorite trainer, Gabby.

8:45 a.m.: I’m back in my apartment for breakfast. I log back online and start emailing my NYC fashion PR contacts and emailing for another hour.

10 a.m.: Arrive at the fashion studio to prepare for our client’s style test that day. I’m in our fashion closet going through all the designer swatches that have come into the studio to make sure everything we request from our stylist market boards is there. I ask my interns, “Did we get the look from Chanel, Prada, etc.? Did the Dior team send the shoes for this look as shown on VogueRunway.com? Have we gone through all the FedEx, UPS and DHL tracking to make sure everything has arrived?”

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11am: The stylist and I have what we call a review. All questions I ask our interns are confirmed with status updates. We are now editing looks that we don’t think would work for this client. It could mean it doesn’t fit our vision, it’s too small, etc. There are many reasons why an outfit is removed.

12:00: The review is complete, so now I’m emailing my LA fashion PR contacts because it’s now 9am. I usually don’t hear from them until 10am, their time).

12:45: I squeeze a quick bite.

13:00: Our client arrives for her test. This actress has multiple press events and red carpets to promote her latest movie, so she needs various outfits.

3:30 pm: We deliver samples of our installation.

five pm: Head back to the studio to end the day with more emails; We are already working on another assembly date. Then I head home to get some rest.

18:00: Drinks and dinner with a fashion PR acquaintance who is now a friend (this happens a lot).

9:00 pm: Finally at home! Now I’m reading on my Kindle app in bed.

22:00: Turn off the lights! I survived another day in the land of fashion nonsense.