What really happened between Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan?

In the third episode of the fifth season of The crown, elizabeth debicki‘s Princess Diana is shown meeting Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla), the son of billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed (Salim Daw), for the first time. However, he is not that ex-boyfriend, along with the one who would perish in a car accident in Paris in 1997, who is presented as his main love interest in the latest installment of the Netflix giant. Instead, it’s Hasnat Khan (Humayun Saeed), the British-Pakistani heart surgeon whom she dated for two years, between 1995 and 1997, after her split from Prince Charles in 1992. But how did the paths of marriage really cross? then Princess of Wales? with the cardiologist, how was her relationship and what precipitated her end? Next, we separate fact from fiction.

How did Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan really meet?

The seventh episode of the new season, “No Woman’s Land,” sees Princess Diana meeting Khan for the first time in a hospital as she comforts her acupuncturist and friend Oonagh Toffolo while her husband recovers from heart surgery. When Khan emerges to pronounce his verdict on his patient, Princess Diana is visibly captivated by him. She sees his name written on her shoes and, after he leaves, she calls him “delicious”. In real life, the scene played out in almost exactly the same way: On September 1, 1995, Khan was in fact the attending surgeon at Royal Brompton Hospital and had gone into the waiting room to give Toffolo an update on her husband’s triple bypass surgery. Toffolo introduced her to Princess Diana and she then said to Toffolo, “Isn’t he amazingly beautiful? And his name is Hasnat Khan. He is written on his shoes.

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In The crownBy the count, Princess Diana then returns to the hospital several times to meet patients. She and Khan meet again and plan to meet up after her shift. After a poignant conversation about the limitations placed on their lives, over chips and chocolate bought from a vending machine, they plan a first date: to go see Ron Howard. apollo 13 at the cinema, where Diana arrives in disguise, wearing a dark wig and sunglasses.

In reality, Diana returned to the hospital every day for the next several weeks, soon finding herself alone in an elevator with Khan. They locked eyes, had a conversation, and about two weeks later, they had their first date: a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit Khan’s aunt and uncle. “I didn’t think for a minute that she would say yes, but I asked her if she would like to come with me,” Khan told police in an interview after Diana’s death. “I was very surprised when she said that she would. After this, our friendship turned into a relationship.” Despite this crucial change in history, there seem to be other kernels of truth in The crownPortrayal of: Diana did, in fact, wear dark wigs and sunglasses when she ventured out with Khan in their Chelsea neighborhood or stood in line with him outside jazz clubs; and Khan was a fan of junk food, and the couple used to have dinner together at KFC in Kensington Palace.