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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the fourth wife of Kody Brown. Fans of hers often make fun of her for many reasons, including her fashion choices.

Robyn Brown from sister wives She’s no stranger to disliking them, with fans currently pointing out her lack of fashion sense. The fourth wife can’t seem to catch a break and she has always been referred to as “Robin Sobbing” due to its indifferent nature. Viewers expect her to get help from a stylist. If he doesn’t, he may face more backlash from the trolls.

For a few seasons now, TLC fans have known Robyn as the emotional fourth wife of Kody Brown. She has not had it easy in the court of public opinion. There is no doubt that Robyn is a controversial sister wives cast member, thanks to being Kody’s favorite wife. She may be used to haters talking about her and Kody, and calling her names for crying during every confession, but she may not be so used to viewers sharing her opinions about her wardrobe. Being the youngest of the four wives, fans of her expect more from her in terms of style from her. Many people don’t like to see her mother in what they perceive as scruffy clothes.


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According to the Mormon religion, it is important for women to dress modestly. This includes skirts above the knees, and the shoulders must also be covered. In general, nothing worn by a woman should be too revealing. None of Kody’s wives have been accused of dressing provocatively, and Robyn is definitely not pushing fashion boundaries. Here are three looks that fans couldn’t help but question. people watching sister wives I wonder why Robyn ever hung these options in her closet.

1. Robyn’s bedazzled hat

The fans want sister wivesRobyn got the message when it came to this over the top hat. Being dazzling was extremely cool in the ’90s, when every stay-at-home mom had her own kit and gemstone set. However, fashion hasn’t really come back on the scene with a bang. Unfortunately, Robyn looked out of place in this cap, and the only thing that could have made it look more awkward was that Robyn chose a Von Dutch cap instead of hers.

2. Robyn wears a peasant blouse

During the 1960s, women rejected traditional fashion for a more fluid style. While the outfits may have worked for the Flower Power movement, fans think they don’t work for Robyn. Critics believe that the peasant blouse shown above her did nothing for her as it hung over her body, failing to define her shape or give her any sex appeal. The European lower classes actually wore peasant blouses, so Robyn de sister wives she was dating herself in this particular fashion choice.

3. Robyn wears leggings

Even though Robyn was trying her best superhero pose, she looked out of place in her black leggings and moccasin slippers. the sister wives The star may have wanted to get comfortable, but her outfit left viewers feeling like she had been haphazardly arranged. While leggings are still very much in fashion, even in 2022, Robyn needs to increase her leggings collection and maybe add a leather or faux fur look.

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