Why do men and women cheat in marriage? This is what a relationship expert says

One of the ways people deal with unhappy marriages is by seeking love outside of marriage, one expert says. People also indulge in extramarital affairs to overcome boredom, monotony, or a way to find a new thrill or spark that wears off in a marriage after a while. When two people live together under the same roof for years, they too can begin to take each other for granted, step into their comfort zone, or worse yet, disrespect each other. This can lead to fissures in the marriage and the desire to seek love outside of marriage. (Also read: Expert in simple rules for a successful marriage)

“Two of the biggest reasons a couple looks for love outside of marriage is a lack of physical and emotional connection. If both partners don’t have a physical relationship for a long time, that’s a big factor behind a marriage.” falling apart.Lack of emotional connection with each other can lead a spouse to start something new, break the monotony and find that emotional support.If your partner is busy all the time managing the house and children, a spouse isolated might show an inclination to have an extra marital affair,” says Deepali Batra, a clinical psychologist and relationship therapist in a phone conversation with HT Digital.

Batra says that during sessions with her clients, she has observed that many couples are entering into extramarital affairs due to lack of attention from their spouse or loneliness.

“One of my clients admitted during a session that he had a relationship outside of his marriage because he got a lot of attention from this outside person and that he and his wife are no longer on the same page and she ignores what he says most of the time” Batra says.

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Too many responsibilities and not much fun.

The relationship therapist says that after a while your partner may have a tendency to take you for granted. She says that in a marriage where one spouse or both are working very hard to generate income and run a household, petty arguments or general stress could ruin the special connection and intimacy.

“When you’re in a relationship outside of marriage, you feel like you’re the center of attention for all the hours you spend with the person who satisfies your need for attention and appreciation,” Batra told us.

Social networks, a guilt-free space for unfaithful spouses

The advent of social networks has led many people to lead two (loving) lives: one perfectly hidden from their partner and where there is no room for guilt.

“Because of social media and the sense of privacy it offers, people have started to feel less guilty about cheating on their partner. A client recently admitted to me that somewhere he enjoys both lives, both with his partner and with a stranger. . ” says the counselor.

Annoying partner, family problems

Sometimes domestic problems can lead to emotional discontent, and too much nuisance from the partner can cause the spouse to seek respite from a third party. Not encouraging your partner to mingle with friends or give them space outside of marriage, disrespecting family members are some of the reasons people seek love outside of marriage, says Batra.

“When your partner keeps complaining about the problems of daily life all the time, there comes a point where you want to withdraw and have some pleasant moments,” she says.

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Avoiding infidelity: open communication and correct priority setting

The relationship therapist says it’s important for people to regulate their emotions well and make a conscious decision about what kind of life they want for themselves. One needs to assess why they are indulging in an extramarital affair and what need is not being met.

“There needs to be open communication between partners rather than a lot of blaming. Recognizing a faulty conversation pattern could mean you now have a chance to resolve it peacefully,” says Batra.

Couples need to understand what they are missing in a relationship and could do some fun activities together. They should try to understand their partner’s love language, go on vacations together, work on building intimacy, and engage in their areas of interest.

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