Why Southern Charm Fans Love Debbie, Chleb Ravenell’s Mom

Chleb Ravenell joined the cast of southern charm season 8, appearing with his girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis, who is a series regular, and fans love his mom, Debbie. Kathryn and Chleb started dating in July 2020 and moved in together six months later. Chleb agreed to film the show in an effort to strengthen his relationship with Kathryn.

Kathryn first appeared in Season 1 and began a tumultuous relationship with Thomas. Throughout Kathryn and Thomas’ rocky relationship, they had two sons, Kensington “Kensie” Calhoun and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. The two parted ways in 2016, after two years on camera and countless ups and downs. Later, Kathryn found Chleb and also met her mother, Debbie.


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southern charm stars Chleb and Kathryn became Instagram official in October 2020, and Chleb was first mentioned on the series during the season 7 reunion, when Kathryn was asked about her new boyfriend. Chleb spoke with US Weekly about his experience filming the show, saying: “I thought, maybe this will bring us together because I’ve never been on a show before. And she tells me that she is going to separate us. I was like, ‘Nah, nah, we’re going to get closer.’ But she separated us.” When Chleb needs guidance, he can always turn to his mother, who is a true southern charm fan favorite

Chleb’s mom Debbie gives good advice

Kathryn Dennis Chleb Ravenell Southern Charm

In the series premiere, Kathryn threw a Great Katsby 30th party, where the drama definitely happened. Chleb revealed that he had spoken with his co-star Venita Aspen, in an attempt to mend Kathryn and Venita’s relationship. This prompted Kathryn to call Chleb, “Not loyal” at the show. Chleb and Kathryn left their party early and continued arguing the next day in the house they shared. He left his house and called her mother Debbie for advice.

Through Chleb’s car Bluetooth system, viewers could listen to Chleb and Debbie discuss their relationship issues with Kathryn. Chleb told his mom that he felt Kathryn was alienating him from her family. He said, “She tries to take my time away from you, from my family. She always says no, that I should go first. If I have nothing to do, then you can hang out with them.” Even after this, Debbie empathized with Kathryn and said: “She sees how you and I relate… she wants that kind of love, because her mother died. That’s why she started to get closer to me… She just needs someone in her life.” Kathryn’s mother passed away in August 2019 and she was understandably in need of support. Debbie revealed that she became close with Kathryn and helped babysit her children several times a week.

Debbie said she’d call Kathryn

After Chleb expressed that she didn’t know what else to do, her mom offered to call Kathryn and explained that she could relate to her as a single mom. Debbie ended the call as sweetly as she started it and said: “Kisses Kisses!” Kathryn has upset many cast members and viewers, but Debbie’s kind outlook reminded fans (and Chleb) to be kind to Kathryn (and give the benefit of the doubt) when judging her behavior.

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Kathryn welcomed Chleb back to the house after five days apart, and advice from Debbie. Debbie encouraged Kathryn to let Chleb know how much she cared about him by giving him a home cooked meal and talking about her problems. However, this discussion became a continuation of where her argument left off.

Kathryn accused Chleb of not feeling empathy for her during her custody battle with Thomas Ravenel and of not being emotionally available. Chleb responded that he felt that Kathryn didn’t care about his feelings and that he had a hard time taking on the role of boyfriend to a mother of two. It seems that Kathryn’s custody situation and her children’s has put a strain on her and Chleb’s relationship. She expressed her concerns saying: “I didn’t know what I was getting into before I went out with you. About three months into our relationship, you dumped the kids right on me.

Chleb and Kathryn’s breakup caught viewers’ attention, but fans were arguably more interested in mom Debbie. A Reddit thread started when the user you/eegeddes aware, Chleb isn’t that amazing… But? Debby??? She is a role model that the entire cast NEEDS!” Fans were asking for Bravo to bring Debbie in as a guest bartender at See what happens live with Andy Cohen, and even to replace Patricia Altschul as the show’s matriarch. Spectators appreciated a “voice of reason” which might provide a considered perspective.

“This is a positive post!” User u/eegeddes continued, “About the most positive, genuine and compassionate person we have been given the privilege of hearing speak (like 5 sentences) since the start of this debacle that we all SEEM to enjoy in some way. I was happy to hear someone speak wisdom in Charleston!” Although Kathryn and Chleb have both called it quits, fans are still hoping to see more of Chleb’s wise mother in future episodes. He has provided interviews that reveal that he no longer speaks to Kathryn, but because of her history, he will always love her, even though he is not with her.

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southern charm airs Thursdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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