Why the Kardashians ‘distanced themselves’ from Tristan Thompson

The Kardashians are reportedly distancing themselves from Tristan Thompson, even though he welcomed a second child with Khloé Kardashian.

Khloé Kardashian could be expecting another child with Tristan Thompson, but The Kardashians family has “estrangedof the NBA player. Fans have been reeling from news confirming Khloe and Tristan’s surrogacy pregnancy. The former couple had already embarked on the journey before word spread about Tristan’s paternity scandal with Maralee Nichols Khloé and Tristan have been apart for months, but they’re still ready to welcome another child together.

Tristan apparently confirmed the split after he was recently seen holding hands with a mystery woman in Mykonos, Greece. Fans noticed that Khloé liked a post that mentioned that Tristan was free to date whoever she wanted because they weren’t together anymore. Sources have said that Khloé and Tristan are strictly co-parents and nothing more. Tristan had more than enough opportunities to make things work with Khloé, but his cheating kept getting the better of him. Now, Khloé and Tristan’s unbreakable bond has only grown stronger with the arrival of their new baby.


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As Khloé adjusts to raising two children with her cheating ex, her family supports her as she stays away from Tristan. The Kar-Jenners will be there for Khloe and her new baby, but when it comes to Tristan, “most of them have distanced themselves from him, especially after learning that he is expecting a baby with Maralee”, said a source us weekly. When it comes to Tristan holding hands with another woman in Mykonos, the Kar-Jenners weren’t even that surprised. The Tristan and the Mystery Date footage”It’s not shocking news for the Kardashians, it’s happened several times in the past few months,said the source. The family remains friendly with Tristan in regards to his fatherhood role in baby True’s life. Tristan was in attendance at an intimate Father’s Day lunch the Kar-Jenners put together for the father of their children. sons.

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However, given the nature of Tristan’s latest cheating scandal, that was the last straw for Khloé. They had reconciled after Tristan’s kissing scandal with Jordyn Woods when he hooked up with Maralee. Khloé had even posted a heartfelt birthday tribute confirming his reconciliation on the same day he ended up sleeping with Maralee after attending a birthday soiree Khloé had thrown together for him. The former couple was in the process of planning to expand their family and considering their options when Tristan ended up getting someone else pregnant and keeping it from Khloé. “[Tristan] went through finding a substitute and all that while he was cheating [Khloé] and that is unforgivable for her”, said a source. Khloé”is she really done with him romantically this time”, they added.

Khloé has broken her word and won Tristan back over and over again. The couple had already split last June when they got back together for a few months until Tristan’s paternity scandal hit the press in December. In January, Tristan admitted to being the father of his third child and has said nothing more about his and Maralee’s child. Meanwhile, he has another child on the way with Khloé, but he has been seen partying with mystery women. The Kardashians Star has a lot on her plate as she prepares to raise a toddler and baby as a single mom. But with the support of her family, Khloé will do just fine.

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