Will Lt. Governor hopefuls follow Karyn Polito’s lead in local relationships?

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito often highlights the fact that her nearly eight years in office have taken her to visit each and every one of Massachusetts’s 351 cities and towns.

As the administration’s liaison with municipalities, Polito, of Shrewsbury, has made these relationships a cornerstone of his time in office, from announcing local relief plans in his annual addresses to the Massachusetts Municipal Association to the nature of taking and because of the interactions she has with local officials when she chairs the Local Government Advisory Commission.

But not all Bay State lieutenant governors have presented themselves as champions of local government.

Officially, the role involves chairing the Governor’s Council, which handles judicial nominations, pardons, and commutations, and steps in if the governor resigns or is no longer able to perform his duties. Beyond these constitutional requirements, the occupants of the position are free to define and adapt the position to their own experience and agenda.