‘Women need more sponsorship, not just mentorship’: 20 quotes of the week about leaders and entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, we have almost seven voices in our head talking to each other at the same time. – Sinjini Sengupta, Lighthouse

Find and focus on solving genuine real world problems – the bells and whistles can wait. – Prabhash Nirbhay, Angels of Jharkhand

You can have the best idea in the world, but you may never get off the ground without a good team. – Ankur Bansal, Black Land

As an organization grows, roles become more specialized, compared to an initial stage where an individual has a broad-based role, sometimes spanning multiple functions. – Saahil Goel, Rocket

You cannot have indefinite periods of non-profitability. There has to be some roadmap to achieve profitability. – Harsh Mariwala, Marico

The accelerator model is a good way to test, experiment and explore the talent bed of a new geographic location at high speed, without being forced to incur huge up-front real estate investment costs etc. – Amita Goyal, Zinnov

Small businesses are often looking insurance solutions that fit your unique needs to be affordable yet superior offerings. -Manish Daswani, Visa

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Eyeglasses generate an incredible return on social investment, unlocking more than $43 in potential family income for every $1 of philanthropy. -Ella Gudwin, VisionSpring

Address pollution due to single use plastic items it has become a major environmental challenge faced by all countries. – Central Ministry of Environment, India

Trying something new will only increase the self-confidence of an individual. – Kamlesh Bhai, Flipkart Online Seller

Telling stories is a great skill to have. People will listen to concepts and frameworks, but stories they have an undeniable power to bring everything to life. – Janelle Estes, Test User

We prefer to invest in companies that have the right mix of generalists and specialists. – Padmaja Ruparel, network of Indian angels

With the right kind of support and determination, you can easily learn to wear all hats with great poise. – Sanjeeta KK, GMO Foods

As a business grows from agility to stability, companies start by hiring multitaskers and then look for domain experts. – Jinesh Shah, Omnivore

Young men who are going to be fathers need counseling in terms of parenting skills and the challenges that the birth of a child brings. – Ritesh Gupta, CDOC Fortis Hospital

Today, the definition of professionalism has grown to include self-expression and the need to bring your authentic self to work. -Ashish Chopra, BeUnic

Encourage LGBTQ role models, mentorship, and reverse mentorship initiatives. But beware of tokenism. -Lucie Fonseca, Giesecke + Devrient

Women should not be told that some jobs can only be done by men. Who says we can’t climb power poles and do maintenance work? -Roshni, Tata Power

Women need more sponsorship, not just mentoring. – Janelle Estes, Test User

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai
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