WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Lady Wranglers Fall Season Opener

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the season No beginning the road Odessa Colleague Women’s basketball equipment I was hoping for.

chana Paxixé I note 14 points a Lead Cochise Colleague a a 60-48 victory against the Lady wranglers Saturday a the boss Sports Center.

It’s I was the season can opener by Odessa Colleague, weather the Lady Apache improved a 1-1.

He directed by Paxixe, Cochise Colleague Opened a a 21-11 first fourth Lead.

“Basketball it is a play of careers,” Lady Apache head coach misty four said. “East it is a great Odessa equipment they are going a victory a batch of games East year.

“But me thought me kids, weather us made to have some mental lapses, finish our shooting a batch better.”

the Lady wranglers fought On the defensive with a continuous full court press the complete play, What they forced 19 lost the ball in the afternoon Y converted that within 23 points of their own self.

Odessa Colleague, under second year head coach franchise Bedell, Dyed success wearing the press in the second fourth, allowing single 10 points a Cut the Lady Apache He directed a 31-26.

“(The Lady Wranglers) play a From man to man press, Y early in, us got caught a few times in trap situations,” four said.

the Lady Apache it started strong after the halftime break, starting the third fourth in a 13-4 punctuation run.

“Us to have got a be plus consistent Y (in defending) Y be can a do that constantly by 40 minutes, because that is why me to call it’s ’40 seconds of chaos’,” Bedell said.

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the based in Arizona equipment I take advantage of a myriad of Lady Wrangler’s omitted trays Y not forced, rushed lost the ball.

“This day, us got defeat,” Bedell said. “That is what happens when the equipment strange Among 24 Y 27 trays your It is not going a be victorious ball games Yes your do No run in a tall level.”

the Cochise Colleague Lead I was down a single five in the four fourth the Lady wranglers created Three straight steals a open the final frame Y Cut the deficit a 48-43.

“That is what the equipment prosper in it is defending,” Bedell said. “A batch of those omitted trays came off our defending.”

Those trays that were No falling previous a the run Y directly after the run were converted by Chelsy Baptist Y ghost Daffodil.

jones after done a triple a widen the Lady Appanches’ Lead a 12 with 3:11 left in the play.

“Us were can a Sure outside the press Y strength one by one play Y me thought us managed that much, much better (in the second half),” four said.

the failure a run down the section a close the deficit it is what made the equipment in, according to a Bedell.

“When it’s it is crunch weather, I like it us were positioned in, our defending put U.S in great positions,” Bedell said. “But Yes someone messes up, the road us play it is Quick Y chaotic Y us are going a to have holes, the opposition it is going a drink advantage of those times.”

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Cochise Colleague 60, Odessa Colleague 48

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Cochise Colleague (1-1)

chana Paxixé 5-9 3-3 14, Let jones 4-8 2-2 eleven, Allayna Contreras 3-8 0-0 8, Maeva With them 3-8 1-2 7, Angel Bigovic 4-8 0-0 8, Deyana Bogan 3-8 0-0 6, Jessenia Lawson 1-4 4-4 6. Totals 23-57 10-13 60

Odessa Colleague (0-1)

khaniah Barn 6-13 2-4 14, Chely Baptist 4-7 1-1 9, Infected Diarrhea Bertha 3-9 1-2 7, Natalie Laura 3-8 0-0 7, Known Marshall 1-3 2-2 4, ivana Country 1-5 1-2 3, ghost Daffodil 1-3 0-1 two, aunt Bombing 1-4 0-0 two. Totals 20-59 7-12 48.

Cochise Colleague…………………. twenty-one 10 17 12 60

Odessa Colleague……………….. eleven fifteen 13 9 48

3 points goals Cochise Colleague 4 (Alayna Contreras two, Let jones 1, chana Paxixé 1). Odessa Colleague 1 (Natalie 1). Total faults Cochise Colleague 16, Odessa Colleague fifteen. soiled outside Cochise Colleague: Deyana Bogan. Technical faults None. bounces Cochise Colleague 35 (Jessenia Lawson 8), Odessa Colleague 30 (Kaniah Barn 6, Known Marshall 6). assists Cochise Colleague 12 (Let jones 3, Ali hard pit 3), Odessa Colleague eleven (Infected Diarrhea Bertha 6).