You are not the only one with a shopping strategy

As the pandemic recedes and prices continue to rise, parents may be nervous about the next Back to school spend the season.

Last year, families spent an estimated $32.5 billion on books, clothing and other supplies as children returned to learning in the classroom, according to market consultants at Deloitte. That’s over $600 per student. This year, due to inflation concerns, “price and value are key factors in purchasing decisions,” according to analysts at mobile marketing firm InMobi.

Major retailers are preparing accordingly. Using key tools in their arsenals, companies are ready to enter the competition for consumers’ cash. Here’s how they’re approaching this shopping season:

How Walmart and Old Navy are approaching back to school

At Walmart, “We’ve worked hard to offer sought-after back-to-school products at the everyday low prices (consumers) expect,” says Ana Argüello, vice president of stationery.