You can now get paid $1K to watch movies starring dogs

Calling all dog lovers and aspiring pet owners, you can now get paid $1,000 to watch 10 hours of movies about our four-legged friends.

If that sounds like the perfect weekend, read on, as the Pettable website is looking for an official Doggie Flicks director.

Pettable, which “connects people like you with certified mental health professionals in your state,” is looking for an avid animal fan to watch six classic movies starring stray dogs.

The lucky person will be tasked with writing a 1,000-word post for the website’s blog “reviewing and ranking” the tears.

The movies on the list are Me and Marley, A Dog’s Journey, Because of Winn-Dixie, Eight Below, Lady and the Tramp Y The call of the jungle.

That works out to just over 10 hours of runtime, which means you’re effectively getting paid $100 an hour to sit on your couch. But you must see all six movies within 48 hours.

The most recent movie is The call of naturereleased in 2020, starring Harrison Ford, while the oldest is The Lady and the Trampthe Disney classic that came out in 1955. Though the job description doesn’t specify if it’s the 2019 live-action remake or the animated version that’s listed.

Describing exactly who they’re looking for, Pettable said: “We’re looking for someone who loves pets, especially dogs.

“You don’t even need to have a pet (we know you may not have a pet for a myriad of reasons), but you do need to respect and appreciate the role they play in our lives.

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“These animals help lift our spirits when we are down, rejoice with us when we are happy, and never leave our side.

“Many pets provide additional support for their owners, including psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) and emotional support animals (ESAs), jobs that positively affect their owners in many aspects of life.

“Our ideal candidate has an immense enthusiasm for animals and is excited about watching 10 hours of movies about dogs.”

In addition to the lump sum, the Doggie Flicks director will also receive a movie rental card to access the movies and a $50 “survival kit” to help them during their movie marathon.

You will need to be over 18 and a US resident to apply, with the deadline for applications being March 7.

You will have to tell the team why you are perfect for the role and talk about your love for canines.

“Tell us about yourself, what role pets have played in your life (whether it’s a psychiatric service animal, emotional support animal, or family pet), and why you’re the perfect person for the job,” Pettable said. To apply, click here.

It won’t be hard to find a dog owner in the US, with statistics from an American Motor and Pet Products Association survey covering 2021/22 revealing that 69 million households own a dog.

While data released earlier this year by the American Kennel Club revealed, unsurprisingly, Labradors are America’s most popular breed.

They are followed by French bulldogs, German shepherds, golden retrievers and in fifth place are bulldogs.

The call of the wild, me and marley
Posters for the movies “Call of the Wild” and “Marley and Me”. A dog lover can now be paid $1k to watch six dog-themed movies.